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We grow all of our annuals in our greenhouse in 6" pots from small plugs. Our annuals look great when added to containers, arrangements, hanging baskets or grown as bedding plants.


We grow a in a wide selection of annuals including begonias, impatiens, geraniums, petunias, ivies, vines, grasses, and more!



We make sure to carry perennials that are hardy enough to survive in our zone which is up to zone 4.

Some perennials we carry are clematis, bleeding hearts, black eyed susan, phlox, hostas, peonies, echinacea, astilbe, day lilies, etc.  

Be sure to ask a member of our garden centre staff which perennial is right for you.



Did you know trees and shrubs increase your property value up to 14%? It can beautify your home while increasing market value. They are also great for adding shade and privacy. We offer a selection of red maple, linden, blue spruce and many types of weeping trees. We also carry fruit trees such as apple, fig, pear, plum, cherry. Some shrubs we carry are sand cherry, spirea, lilac, nest spruce, different types of cedars, and hydrangeas.  If you cant find what your looking for custom orders are available. 



Store bought herbs can be expensive. Why not grow your own this year! We grow basil, rosemary, dill, sage, oregano, thyme, coriander. 

There's nothing quite like fresh vegetables from your own garden. Visit us for the the best selection... and lots of helpful tips. We have many different sizes for your preference. Our most popular type is the 4 pack or in a 4" pot. 

We have a good selection of different tomato varieties, cucumber, hot and sweet peppers, eggplants and more. 


We also carry various NON-GMO and heirloom vegetable seeds. Contact us if you don't see what your looking for. 

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